Growing up, Joanne Dickinson’s father Champ regularly talked about her great-great-great uncle, Caleb Cooley Dickinson.  Caleb’s $100,000 bequest to establish a hospital for “the sick poor” was a point of immense pride.  “There’s a statue of him in the Hatfield cemetery.  My Dad paid to have it professionally cleaned every five years,” shared Joanne.

After 42 years as a surgical technician at Cooley Dickinson Hospital, Joanne is now planning for retirement.  She wanted to be sure that someone looked after her estate when she is gone, which led to an “Aha! Moment” walking down Mt. Sugarloaf: she doesn’t want Caleb to be the only Dickinson to support the hospital.  Joanne established a living trust, with 50% designated to the Cooley Dickinson Operating Room (OR).

“I don’t know what they’ll need in the future,” explained Joanne.  “I recently found out that one new OR table can cost $60,000.  I want to help make sure the OR has what they need, even if my gift makes a small difference.”

Joanne’s trust will provide critical support to the Operating Room for generations.  Cooley Dickinson is very grateful that after decades of exceptional service, Joanne is following in Caleb Cooley’s footsteps to prepare the hospital for the future.