donnaDonna Feng knows that blood saves lives.  She was a regular blood donor at Cooley Dickinson Hospital for well over 20 years.

“The biggest privilege I had during those years was that I became blood related to my adopted dad,” shared Donna.  Years ago, Donna’s adoptive father was at Cooley Dickinson and in need of a blood transfusion.  It just so happened that Donna had donated the previous day.  And their blood types were a perfect match!  “Because I knew these people and they knew me, when it came time to give him a blood transfusion, they transfused my blood into him.  And we became blood related.”

Donna never forgot Cooley’s phlebotomy team and that care experience.  As she updated her estate plans, she knew she wanted to give again, this time through a legacy gift.

“By including a legacy gift to the phlebotomy unit at Cooley Dickinson Hospital I can continue to support that program and a cause that’s near and dear to me: the gift of life,” said Donna.  “I feel wonderful that I will be a part of transfusion medicine, the phlebotomy unit, and the pathology unit at Cooley Dickinson after I’m gone.”