Take a look at Paul M. Craig’s long career, and you will see a life filled with variety, action, and a commitment to helping others.

Born at Cooley Dickinson between the two World Wars, Craig joined the Navy, where he served for four years, after graduating from Northampton High School. After his active duty Craig joined the Navy Aviation Reserve Squadron at South Weymouth, which in 1961, President Kennedy called into active duty.  Flying out of McCalla Field at Guantanamo Bay, Craig was among the VS-915 air crew whose co-pilots took the first pictures of Soviet missile ships coming into Cuba.

Following his Navy service, Craig went on to earn his BA and MA in history at UMass Amherst. Craig has worked as a college history teacher, a newspaper reporter in Holyoke, as the public relations director of Simon’s Rock Early College in Great Barrington, and as the managing editor of the Lakeville Journal in Connecticut. He finished his working life as a mail carrier in South Deerfield and Northampton while advocating for postal worker interests as a union representative.

Recently, Craig continued his commitment to serve others when he chose to designate some of his appreciated stock to fund a Charitable Gift Annuity that will ultimately benefit Cooley Dickinson’s rehabilitation facilities. Craig notes, “It will loosen up some of my money in a structured way that regular sale of the stock could not do.  Even better, it will help Cooley Dickinson, and it will benefit the community.”

Cooley Dickinson Health Care is grateful to Paul Craig for supporting our ability to keep people healthy and active in their lives.