Gift annuity rates are increasing beginning January 1, 2023.  If you have ever considered a gift annuity or already have an annuity and are interested in another, we can now offer you an even more generous annuity payment. For most gift annuities, the new rates are 0.6% - 0.7% higher than the rates they replace in 2022. If you defer the start of payments for a year or more, the rate increase is even greater.

The combination of higher annuity rates and substantial deductions make gift annuities even more attractive if you are seeking to make a gift and receive fixed payments for life.

The Benefits of this Gift

  • Annuity payments last for life. You cannot outlive your annuity.
  • You can receive annuity payments yourself or provide payments for someone else.
  • Annuity payments are predictable. Your annuity payments will not be affected by investment performance or market conditions; you can count on getting the same amount each year.
  • Annuity payments are secure, backed by the general resources of Cooley Dickinson Health Care.

Deferred Gift Annuities Increased Payment Even More

If you choose to delay your first annuity payment for one year or longer, we can offer an even more generous annual annuity. The table below shows the increased annuity payment amounts from 2022 for a deferred gift annuity based on a $10,000 contribution.

Age at Gift Years of Deferral New Annuity Increase













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